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Get informed about Paris tourist attractions and places to see in Paris like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Norte-Dame Cathedral.

Paris Attractions

During your leisure while on a business trip, you can enjoy the attractions of Paris. Paris, the most important city in French history has a slew of world-famous attractions like Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Centre Pompidou, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Arc de Triomphe. For fashion shopping, the city is famous all around the globe. The French are also fond of satisfying their taste buds. Your trip to Paris could turn out to be a fine culinary tour. Here you can dig into all these aspects about Paris.

Eiffel Tower
Most famous monument in Europe, Eiffel Tower attracts large number of visitors. Take the lift to reach the top and have sweeping view of the city. This is Paris' most visited attractions and always has long queues of visitors.

Louvre Museum
This is the most famous art museum in the world. Most seen piece of art is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Among the oldest museums in Europe, its collections span from the birth of great civilizations up to the 19th century. Millions of people visit it every year.

Centre Pompidou
This is the third most visited Paris attraction with about 5.5 million visitors a year. For people interested in modern art and architecture, this is the perfect attraction. The place is dedicated to all forms of modern and contemporary creations. You need half a day to enjoy this museum properly.

Notre-Dame Cathedral
This is the most famous of all cathedrals in the world. This gothic masterpiece has always been the religious centre of the city. This was the first cathedral constructed on a monumental scale and became the inspiration for future cathedrals in France.

Arc de Triomphe
Situated on the famed avenue Champs Ιlysιes and centered in the world largest traffic roundabout, the Arc de Triomphe is a simple, yet imposing monument built by Napoleon.

Saint Chappele
The gothic Saint Chapelle, which came into being in the 13th century, has 15 impressive stained glass windows showcasing an entire biblical history.

Paris is a prominent shopping destination in the world. Fashion-conscious tourists seldom fail to shop in Paris. Best designers have their boutiques in Paris. Serious shopping can also be done with satisfaction in the city. Any shopping experience in Paris is incomplete without visiting huge department stores. On rainy days, you can visit the glass-roofed shopping arcades. Most stores in Paris are closed on Sundays. Stores and markets in Paris range from the most luxurious to the best for bargain hunting.

Dining and Wining
The French take their food seriously. They select fresh ingredients and like bread, cheese, meat and wine. Hundreds of varieties of breads are produced in Paris, each having distinct texture and use. French restaurants are a pricey affair, but fortunately the law here directs that prices must include service. Tipping is appreciated by the people here. Wine is produced in the seven distinct wine regions of France.

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