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Here is information about all rules and regulations about driving in Paris. Get apprised of these driving rules and regulations in Paris which would help you in smooth car driving there.

Driving in Paris

The French follow the system of driving on the right and overtaking on the left. If you are habitual to it, you will have no problem driving in France. Headlights should be switched on in fog, mist or poor visibility.

Warning Triangle
If the hazard lights of the vehicle are not working, motorists must carry a warning triangle. In case of an accident or breakdown, it should be put on the road at thirty metres distance behind the vehicle.

Right of Way
One is expected to give right of way to ambulances, fire-engines, police vehicles and public utility vehicles.

Road Markings
National roads have the prefix 'N' and the motor roads 'A'. Minor road, classed as 'D' are marked yellow in roadmaps.

Parking restrictions are enforced strictly in Paris. In case of violation, you face on-the-spot fines or your car is towed away.

Speed Limits
In normal conditions, the speed limit on motorway is 130kph, speed limit in towns is 50kph, and speed limit on major roads is 110kph. In wet conditions, speed limit on motorway in wet conditions is 110kph and on major roads is 90kph.

Kilometres and Miles Ratio
1 mile=1.6 km
1km=0.6 miles

Alcohol Limit
In France, limit of alcohol in blood is 50mg. A violation could attract heavy fines and even jail. Your license could also be revoked.

Seat Belt Regulations
Tying seatbelts is mandatory front and rear. Kids under ten years of age should travel in the rear. The rules are strongly enforced by police.

Driving License
For driving in France, you need a valid International driver's license.

Documents to Carry
While driving a car, you should always carry a driver's license, insurance certificate, vehicle registration, car ownership papers and your passport.

Emergency Call
In case of an emergency, dial 17 to call Police/Ambulance Service.

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