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Here are commonly used French traffic signs and terms as well as their meanings in English. These could prove quite helpful to you.

Road Signs in Paris

Here are some road signs commonly used while driving in Paris and France. Foreigners, who are unable to understand these terms, could find driving difficult in Paris. These French terms and their English meanings are provided here. These would come handy while behind the wheels in Paris.

French Term/Road Sign English Meaning
Aire de repos Rest stops
Allumez vos lanterns Turn on your lights
Attention au feu Beware of traffic signal
Attention travaux Beware roadworks
Autre directions Other directions
Barrière de dègel Trucks not allowed
Chaussèe dèformèe Bumpy road ahead
Cèdez le passage Give way
Centre ville Town center
Col Mountain pass
Ferme Closed
Gendarmerie Police station
Haute tension Electric line
Interdit aux piètons No pedestrians
Nids de poules Potholes
Ouvert Open
Pas Mountain pass
Prochain èchangement gratui No toll at next exit
Rappel Remember
Route barrèe Road closed
Sens-unique One-way
Serrez a droite Keep to the right
Sortie Exit
Suivre Follow
Sur On
Toutes directions All directions
Vitesse adapteè sècuritè Adapt your speed for safety
Voie unique One lane road
Voie unique One lane road

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